Natural products for the dog

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Natürliches für den Hund


We also provide medicinal herbs mixtures such as Deworming with natural herba for internal use for the dog, but also herbal oils against annoying pests on the skin and in the fur, and natural healing ingredients such as Colloidal Silver.

Natural products for the food bowl and for the external treatment of man's best friend

- Wellbeing for the dog, because he deserves it!




"CHIRPY" - cleanse the body of your dog and give his body health


For detoxification after medication application / of the organism in cases of poisoning / fortification of the detoxification organs kidneys and liver / liver regeneration / flushing of toxins and body waste products / compensation of acid-base balance, etc.


Magenfit für Hunde

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"Belly-fit" herb mix for dogs

Effect Description "Belly-fit" for dogs»

Digestion / diarrhea / vomiting / gastritis / ulcers / gastrointestinal infections / too much stomach acid, etc.


Abwehrstark für Hunde

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"Defence Boost" herb mix for your dog

Effect Description "Defence Boost" for dogs»

Strengthening the dog's immune system caused by stress / vaccinations / deworming / drugs / stodgy food / genetic predisposition / Age / toxins / illness and fatigue etc ...


Rote Beete

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Beetroot chips for dogs (Olewo)

Effect Description of "beetroot"»

Haematinic / performance / lack of concentration / mood / kidney stones / protection and immune system
strengthening/ gallbladder
etc ...



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Carrot flakes for dogs (Olewo)

Effect Description Carrots»

Stomach ulcers / enteritis / diarrhea /  colitis tilt /  excrement water / problems with skin and hair / arthritis / low vision / hyperthyroidism / cardiovascular diseases / fertility problems / intestinal parasites etc ...



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Flaxseed / linseed cake flakes for dogs

Effect Description of linseed»

Cardiovascular protection  / diarrhea / inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract / menopause / construction of nerve and brain cells, improve the flow of blood /  itchy lesions etc... 



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Medicinal herb mixture "joint Vital"

Health prophylaxis against hip and elbow dysplasia

Effect Description "joint Vital" for dogs»

Arthritis / Osteoarthritis / building a healthy gastrointestinal flora / joint / tendonitis / construction of cartilage / bone health / fat digestion / convalescence etc ... etc ...

Health prophylaxis against hip and elbow dysplasia»


Darmparasitenbefall beim Hund

For Worm Up herbal mixture - click on product image

"Worm up" medicinal herbs anti-worming

Effect Description "Worm Up" for dogs»

Contains the most essential, worm-related funds / paralyzes the intestinal parasites, which then detach from the intestinal wall and can be expelled by means of peristalsis / of intestinal parasites incurred deficits / intestinal rehabilitation  etc ...

Intestinal parasites in dogs: Blackheads in the digestive system»

Interview Read the interview with our animal healer "herbal anti-worm treatment for dogs" simply click left on image


To "dog's well-being" - oil mixture - click on product image

"dog's well-being"- oil mixture against fleas and mites

Effect Description "dog's well-being" - oil»

Antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, soothing, decongestantand fungicidal action / infections / healing process of the skin / skin moisture / baldness / ulcers  etc ...

Dog´s well-being oil - stop fleas and mites»



For dogs hemp click on product image

Hemp for dogs

Effect Description concerning Hemp»

Cardiovascular System / metabolism / toning / joint problems (osteoarthritis, arthritis, and chronic forms) / airways / nervous system / immune system / healthy skin / fur / summer eczema / allergy / Tendency for colics / fertility problems EMS and ECS (kissing spines) with the horse / spondylosis, diabetes, Cushing, cauda equina in the dog / stronger nerves and resistance to stress / recovery / relief from age problems etc...

Hemp for the dog - our hemp Test»

Hemp for dogs - 2nd report from Saturday, August 16, 2014»