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Neumann's serenity tea – there may even be cheerful autumn blues

Neumann's serenity tea - since the gloomy season'll be fun!»

Who will continue to mope when these aromatic herbs tea blend unfolds the brightest light and the warmth of the summer sun with every sip in mind?

Tropical exotic coconut and banana combined with the fiery heat of the ginger to a leisurely stroll in the white sand under palm trees. Delicate awakens the first green of the strawberry leaves the joy of the spring and the sweetness of the fruits that they shield gently. Floral bouquets of red rose petals, blue mallow flowers and sunny yellow marigolds transform the gray moments in a firework display of brilliant colors.

Agrumic freshnes blows the hesperidic notes of lemon peel and lemongrass through the cool winter air and gives the fresh scent of the south, while entering into a Marriage of chyprisch seeming balance with herbal seasoning of lemon and rosemary. A delicately flowery smile sends the scent of sweetly radiant Neroli from sun-kissed orange blossom that gently touch a delicate hibiscus flower.

Sunny accents sends the strong St. John's wort as a memory of the brightest summer light and comforting warmth wear lime blossom with every sip of this wonderful herbal tea in the cool melancholy of autumn and winter.



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Speck-awy tea – the pounds drop off and the good mood rises!

Back to dream body - but with pleasure!»

If your waistband pinches and the t-shirt sitting closer and closer, then Neumann's slimming tea "speck away" will help the pounds tumble and still keep the good spirit rise here because this herbal tea not only helps burn fat and boosts your metabolism, but it vitalizes the body and also affects the "Decreasing frustration" and the desire for sweet sins contrary - Where joy grows on the motion and the magnificent taste brings back the enjoyment and good humor.

With the fruity sweetness of tropical pineapple disappearance not only the extra pounds, but moreover also metabolic waste, the strain on the body, because the vitamin-rich exotic fruit dehydrated gentle but sustained and contains the hormones of happiness, motivate to persevere.

There is support from the metabolic promotional cloves that give the tea a wonderful flavor and also stimulate the fat burning process. A touch of happiness lies over the mind when the rosemary with its herbal aroma boosts fat burning and provides new energy.

Warm and soft, like a gentle embrace enfolds the timbre from Cinnamon the fiery chillies, burn off the calories in their glow. These boldly enters the ginger Decreasing the stage and heats the organism with its pungent materials gingerol and Shoagol, which set the pace for burning fat - as dancing the polka metabolism and digestion awakened from their slumber!

Green will be when the herbal detoxification police of nettle and birch leaves ensure that metabolic waste and water retention are flushed from the body - their valuable nutrients, especially vitamin C contained in addition promote fat reduction.

Fruity itself constitutes Rosehip in a Marriage with the hibiscus flower in scene that counteracts the desire for sweets and other Vitamin C donated to smother the pounds.

The scent of a bouquet of rose petals beguiled not only the senses and provides extra happy moments - also dampen the floral notes the appetite and stimulate fat metabolism.

Even more "Weightloss Vitamin C" contributes parsley - her gentle spice not only tickles the taste buds, but also your metabolism awake. Moreover, the Krause plantlets tightens the connective tissue and supports fat metabolism.

Before the calories fall of the final curtain, the mint has its grand entrance: It refreshes the whole body, also makes you lose weight for comfortable breathing and strengthens the stomach - their strong aroma dominates the ensemble of slimming herbs and gives the tea its sprightly flavor that one still appreciates with ideal weight.



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Neumann's Yoga tea – the fire of inspiration warms the soul

Not only to bring body, mind and soul in balance, but also to make it a good time really, you should treat yourself this oriental spicy tea. It distributes stress and promotes relaxation and well-being.

Prelude is dominated by a powerful fortissimo of a warming cinnamon, which is wrapped in the veil of tempting sweet cocoa shells, one being fired from the sultry Ginger oriental dance begins. With its mild sharpness the Piment rejects almost shyly at the shoulders of the veiled dancer and initiates him into the sweetish exciting mystery of exotic cardamom. From afar blowing the scent of Eau de bittersweet orange peels on the floor and marries with the aromatic notes of the flower buds of spicy cloves that set the final chord of this oriental coloratura of enjoyment.


Our herbal teas



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Fennel Tea

Effect Description Fennel»

Stomach / intestinal / bronchus / Antimicrobial / menstrual / eyes / skin problems / Diuretic / psyche etc ...




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Ginger tea

Against colds and gum problems - see recipe link / text End

Effect Description Ginger»

Stomach / digestive / metabolic / circuit /arthritis and
osteoarthritis / swelling / inflammation / pain / intestinal and skin cancer
etc ...

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Cat's Claw Tea

Recipe see link / end of the text

Effect Description Cat's Claw»

Build, strengthen and activate the immune system / regulation of blood pressure, blood lipids and blood fluidity / infection defense / balance between favorable and unfavorable bacteria in the intestines / stomach / intestine /detoxification of the body and the organs / defense against cancer-promoting free radicals / arterial blockages etc ...




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Cinnamon tea

e.g. as an aphrodisiac / against colds and gum problems - see recipe link / end of the text

Effect Description Cinnamon»

Cancer Preventive / appetite and digestion / parasites, bacteria and fungi / aphrodisiac / heart failure /colds and respiratory problems / blood sugar / menopausal symptoms / Alzheimer's Disease / mood-lifting etc...



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Unsere Teespezialitäten für Sie


Enjoy an aromatic cup of tea, one should not only treat yourself if you have a cold or want to cure stomach pains. Although tea herbs are known, mainly due to its medicinal properties, but a good tea is comparable to a good glass of red wine: to awaken Both assets a particularly pleasant way of life in one.

But tea can do even more: it can revitalize and make perk, relax and promote restful sleep, help you lose weight, lighten the mood or just freshen up and quench your thirst. Tea is a popular drink for breakfast or for the "teatime" and Buddhists swear that you can thus find the enlightenment.

In addition to traditional tea herbs such as peppermint, fennel or chamomile, we will expand our range to include blends of tea that have a special character, but also teas that enhance the well-being - and, of course naturally and the usual high quality.

From A - Z of all kind of tea specialities - enjoyment at the highest level!