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Effect Description Pineapple»

They can do something!

The Pineapple has thorugh its natural fruit acids, which substances can record in the tissue, a dewatering property and can thus help the cells of metabolic waste to liberate. Which is further enhanced by the contained potassium.

It also contains beta-carotene, a lot of vitamin C, vitamin E, and some B vitamins and minerals and trace elements calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, iodine, potassium, manganese and zinc.

In addition, the tropical fruit is rich of enzymes like bromelain, amylase, invertase and perodixase, which cleave proteins in the digestive process. Heavy, high-fat foods are easier to process, burning fat from the body is stimulated increasingly and chronic constipation regulated. Moreover, the digestive action of the pineapple is also for people with too little stomach acid recommended.

However, the enzyme bromelain also contributes to blood purification, lowers a high blood pressure and helps prevent vascular deposits in the arteries - which is mainly in people with risk of thrombosis (smoking, women who take birth control pills) are particularly important to know, because it decreases the risk with regular consumption of pineapple.

Another, even more effectively acting ingredient in pineapple is the vanillin: It creates a stimulating, euphoric and erotic effect - the latter can be increased to a pronounced aphrodisiac effect especially when combined with honey or chili.

But above all, pineapple contributes to good mood because it contains in addition to the secondary plant substance vanillin also serotonin and tryptophan. It is the precursor of serotonin and is converted to the happy hormone in the brain. Pineapples can therefore help to relax and compensate ... and yes, that's for the fighters against the calories an important argument, because pineapple also minimizes decreasing frustration, makes it easier to hold out a diet and helps to combat food cravings.

But before we lose ourselves again in this issue, we want to quickly mention that serotonin also can alleviate fears and ensures mental alertness. For those who have to perform mentally, it is certainly interesting to know that pineapple contains a lot of vitamin B12, which acts against memory and lack of drive. Iodine supports the ability to think, zinc receives mental performance and magnesium relaxes the nervous nervousness and fears - we must therefore assume that the pineapple is also a wonderful anti-stress fruits.

As such, it is also relevant when it comes to balancing a lost its balance acid-base balance, because precisely overacidified people often react quickly and aggressively irritable. In this case, the pineapple can also help keeping calm and balance in stressful situations through the basic effect of the sodium component contained in it.

Whoever eats pineapple regularly, is less sick - reason is the high vitamin C content of about 22 mg per 100 g of flesh, which strengthens the immune system. Vitamin C is also true as an important antioxidant in the fight against free radicals and contributes to improved cell protection for - thus carrying the pineapple is not only for cancer screening, but fights the premature aging of cells and ensures their rapid renewal and thus for a more youthful appearance. This also has an effect on the skin. Support comes in this regard but also of the B vitamins contained in pineapple, because that improve the skin's appearance. Moreover, they support healthy hair and strengthen nerves and organs.

The Pineapple even regarded as anti-inflammatory and fights bacteria. Even with bone fractures and bone loss, the pineapple should be able to contribute to the healing supportive.

Not to be forgotten is that the bromelain is often found as the main enzyme of pineapple in preparations against sore throat and cough and pineapple, because of its contained Vitamin C, is a real miracle weapon against colds, fever and stuck mucus in the bronchi by the eject-promoting property of healthy tropical fruit can be coughed up.

And even if we do not assume that any of our valued customers is in need, pineapple is particularly low in calories (100 grams contains 55 calories). Even the fructose contained depending on ripeness 7-15 percent of the tropical fruit can be immediately converted by the body into glucose and used as directly, without fixed grow as excess fat on the hips.




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Effect Description of bananas»

They are so delicious that you can not stop to nibble at it!

But of course they would not be in our range, if they would not have other positive attributes beside a good taste.

Many people do not know: Bananas are considered the brain food par excellence and improve memory and brain power! Moreover, they provide a good mood, because they stimulate the tryptophans contained in them the formation of serotonin in the brain and thus support for the formation of this "happiness hormone".

Bananas are considered particularly sweet fruit and they contain a lot of glucose, the performance-enhancing effect on the brain. In addition, banana with its magnificent sweetness is a wonderful source of energy and healthier than chocolate, which has a similar effect for the nerves and mood enhancer.

But in addition to the glucose bananas contain large quantities of potassium, which the heartbeat and water balance in the organism regulates, among other things, and supports the oxygen supply to the brain. Typically the potassium content decreases in the body and the metabolism is in high gear as soon as one gets into a stressful situation. Anyone who eats bananas, However eating bananas means more resistant to stress, because the potassium contained in it ensures a rapid increase of potassium in the body and has a calming effect and regulates metabolism - the risk of heart attack decreases. Supports the effect of sedative and the "Relax skills" by the magnesium contained in bananas and the B vitamins, which are collectively referred to as ideal '"nerve food" and as strengthen the nerves acts. This also explains the concentration, reaction and thinking and memory ability improves.

In addition to the B-vitamins, which are involved in the formation of neurotransmitters, which strengthen the nerves and aid memory, play well as vitamins A, C and E in the banana a health-promoting role: they make for example free radicals harmless, which attack cells and leave them prematurely, to protect the vessels and nerves and provide improved brain activity.

Not to mention the effect of banana on the stomach, because there they can prevent acidosis and calm an irritated stomach.

The dried bananas can be not only used in between snacking as brain food, but also entered into the cereal or used it as a baking ingredient for delicious cookies.




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Organic Fruit Bears

Sweets makes you happy!

Especially when the sweets not only taste like fruits, but also qualize being in a fruit basket.

Even vegetarians and vegans may take some and whoever adopt a healthier lifestyle, it doesn't harm your body, because the ingredients are not only free of animal products and from organic farming, but also even sweetened with unrefined cane sugar - who will still claim from having a sweet sin?

Finally, not only the vitamin-giving fruit juices are healthy, but also the coloring fruit extracts and plant extracts even have a healing effect:

  • Safflower and their blossoms have a stimulating effect on the heart and circulation. They also act antipyretic, analgesic, and will give you a reputed aphrodisiac properties.
  • Algae is known primarily as a detoxifying plants
  • Holunder stärkt die Abwehrkräfte und ist ein wirksames Heilmittel bei Fieber, Grippe und Erkältungskrankheiten.
  • Curcuma is getting as anticancer spice to the fore, which finds growing interest in cancer therapy due to its bioactive secondary plant substance curcumin.

Even with release agents the health-related aspect will be not neglected because

  • of carnauba wax, which is brushed by the leaves of the Brazilian carnauba palm should ensure shiny hair
  • and sunflower oil therapy is used for arthritis, bronchitis, chronic blood disorders, bowel disease, eczema, encephalitis, women's diseases, heart problems, stomach ulcers, kidney problems, paralysis, thrombosis, bleeding gums, toothache and consolidating loose teeth.

And finally, even the gelling agent pectin provides with its health benefits for good digestion because it contains valuable fiber.

Nibbling healthy fruit and healing plants in bears form, because Sweets must be no sin and Healthy can also taste delicious.

Not suitable for consumption for children under 3 years.



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Sugared almonds with rose water

The queen of flowers and an ambassador of love embraces the somewhat unapproachable drupe of the almond tree, but with a sugar-sweet kiss she wins her nutty heart and then rose and almond unify to a hint of marzipan.

Almonds are true "Vital nuts", even though strictly speaking they are no nuts, but drupes: They support the health - that's why they supplement our daily balanced diet (30 grams of almonds a day reduce the risk of coronary heart disease) in an ideal way, because they contain a high proportion of simple saturated fat, which is in a particularly favorable ratio to the unsaturated fatty acids. In addition, they are rich in phytochemicals and fiber that contribute to heart health and essential ingredients such as iron,phosphorus, vitamin B1, B2, B6 and Vitamin E and folic acid. The proportion of potassium, magnesium and calcium is even much higher than that of nuts.

While almond protects the health of the heart, the rose water also acts on the mind because the smell comforts, corrects conciliatory, heals the heartache and awakens the long-lost joy from their slumber.

With Rose Water sugared almonds - a taste experience like the first kiss!




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Snow licorice pieces into milk chocolate with salammoniac

Do you have to decide?

No! Because with the snow-licorice pieces you can enjoy the delicate-melting creaminess of noble milk chocolate, which envelops the incomparably sweet-tart taste of the root of a very special bush - and licorice is not only a popular treat in the form of liquorice wheels and other goodies, but also healthy!

The root bark contains glycyrrhizin, a glycoside, which gives the licorice on the one hand its typical taste, but on the other hand it can also heal some niggles. It was already known by the ancient Egyptians, who laid licocrice root into the grave Pharaoh Tutankhamun, so that he survives the long journey to the afterlife well. The Greeks and Romans used the juice of the liquorice plant (Succus Liquiritiae) not only for sweetening (the sweetening power is 50 times higher than that of cane sugar), but also for the treatment of stomach ulcers and asthma. Traditionally, licorice root has also been used in folk medicine for diseases of the upper respiratory tract, liver disorders and skin diseases.

In fact, the healing power of licorice root has since been confirmed by science, because in addition to the active ingredients of glycyrrhizic other ingredients engage their impact such as triterpenes and saponins, flavonoids and isoflavonoids and chalcones support the body with anti-inflammatory, viral and bacterial retardant, liver and cardioprotective effects. Also known is the effect of Licorice root to strengthen the body's defenses and to even fight off free radicals, thereby protecting against cancer.

So many reasons are not needed for many friends of licorice to award the healthy enjoyment, because the typical flavor of licorice root does it convince it already.

This extraordinary composition will be also liked by licorice lovers! But the snow-licorice pieces into milk chocolate with Salmiak now inspire even the chocolate connoisseurs!



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Nut & Dried Fruit mix "sweet-sour-salty mix"

Why do you call the famous walnut dried fruit mixes trail mix?

Simply because they enhance memory, promote the ability to concentrate and are considered brain food - and that supports the student's learning!

But to benefit from these positive effects, by no means you don't have to only enroll at

a university, because here we have a "trail mix", which tickles not only the brain but also have all the taste receptors awake: Sweet, sour and salty develop the lots of vitamin C, known as anti-aging fruits Cranberries, the vitamin edonating and antioxidant hazelnuts, the cashews with its extremely high proportion of the essential amino acid tryptophan (nutrient in the production of the neurotransmitter and happiness hormone serotonin) and the popular as heart and memory healthy feel-good snack pumpkin seeds its versatile flavors.

Stay mentally and physically young with our Brain Training from the trail mix bag, with which you can treat yourself and keep yourself mentally fit!


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