For your feathered friends


Gefiederte Freunde

You can find our herb and bird-water mixtures for your feathered companion here.




Teatime for Feathered Friends!

Herbal mixture for birds (pigeons, poultry and other birds)»

Vogeltee Höhenflug

To reach the herbal water mixture "soaring" in the shop, just click on picture above.




To access the product in the shop, just click on the tiny hemp bowl

Hemp for horses, dogs, cats, birds ...

Effect Description concerning Hemp»

Cardiovascular System / metabolism / toning / joint problems (osteoarthritis, arthritis, and chronic forms) / airways / nervous system / immune system / healthy skin / fur / summer eczema / allergy / Tendency for colics / fertility problems EMS and ECS (kissing spines) with the horse / spondylosis, diabetes, cushing, cauda equina in the dog / stronger nerves and resistance to stress / recovery / relief from age problems etc ...