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Due to popular demand we will upload in this emerging part of our portal gradually our exquisite spices and their mixtures, which cover the range up to the vegan area, and explain these in their diverse effects and ingenious ways for you.

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The spices you can buy either as Spice refill bags or together with spice shakers or with pepper mill.





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"Arrabiata - spice mixture"

Für For spicy flavorful pasta, tomatoes and minced meat sauces, loading feta cheese.

The spice mixture arrabiata is a sharp specialty for pasta all'arrabiata from Italy.

The blend of spices used to flavor all spicy foods.

Especially for tomato-based sauces or with minced meat.

In pickled sheep cheese it lends crisp flavor.

Try arrabiata also simply with olive oil and parmesan / pecorino pasta. Or at piquant bruschetta. Simply delicious!


Onions, garlic, chili, pepper, rosemary, thyme, basil, oregano, parsley



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"Grilled fish-spice mixture"

The spice mix "grilled fish" fits nicely with almost all fish species.

Take the spice mixture for frying, cooking or grilling - it gives seafood dishes the typical aroma.


Mustard seeds, juniper, allspice, dried vegetables, pepper, cloves, bay leaves


Grilled fish is particularly suitable for firm flesh fish fillets such as redfish or pollack filet particularly well because they do not decompose as quickly in the pan.




"roast potato-spice mixture"


Onion, garlic, coriander, cumin, pepper, marjoram, parsley

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"Bread-spice mixture"

For your home-made bread we offer our bread spice mix. The mixture characterize not only the taste of the bread, but are also responsible for better digestion and stimulating the digestive juices.

The mixtures of bread spices vary from region to region. Therefore we offer at Neumann a mixture containing "only" all the raw materials. But this at its finest!

You can work in the spices into the dough (preferably freshly crushed) or sprinkle on the finished dough blank.

ingredients: Coriander, caraway, anise and fennel

Please add salt at will.

In addition, you can experiment with the following spices:

Allspice, celery, fenugreek or cardamom.




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This Mediterranean spice mixture is particularly suitable for pasta sauces and small appetizers such as bruschetta. It tastes fresh and intense after tomato.

Try bruschetta mixture once at quark or cream cheese preparations, in tomato sauces or cheese.


Garlic, salt, onion, tomato, parsley, basil, pepper, oregano

The spice is very productive.



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To be used for cottage cheese, yogurt, butter or soups.

The wild garlic is a well-known vegetable, spice and medicinal plant. The plant is indeed completely edible, the leaves are used mainly but often also with the stems, fresh as a seasoning, for dipping sauces, herb butter and pesto or more generally as a vegetable in the spring cuisine.


Wild garlic should not be cooked, but give it under the hot dishes and serve immediately.

Exposed from the heat, the sulfur-containing substances are changed, whereby the wild garlic loses much of its characteristic flavor. Therefore, wild garlic is usually mixed to sliced raw and small salads or other dishes.


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