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with hanf you find a product in our range, which is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world that has been used in China at least 10,000 years ago. Nevertheless, especially the superior effect of the seeds of this plant on the whole organism of dogs, cats, horses, birds and humans is not yet used such a long time with us. As much as the oil is used in the common kitchen as an ingredient for salad dressings, but just in the use in animals found the seeds less attention than the plant itself, that was used as a rich animal feed.

These so-called oil fruits belong unequivocally to the nutritionally quality seeds and so they developed also sa power food.

That the cannabis seeds often as benn called vital nuts, they owe their all-natural, organic and therefore readily available contained vitamins for the organism compounds abundantly , minerals and trace elements such as magnesium, zinc, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron, the antioxidant vitamins C and E, essential B vitamins , as well as phytochemicals such as flavonoids. Moreover, one finds in hemp seeds important enzymes and antioxidants as cell protectors, which fight free radicals.

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Vitamins (per 100g hemp seed):

  • Vitamin A               16,8 IE
  • Vitamin B1             0,9 mg
  • Vitamin B2             1,1 mg
  • Vitamin B3             2,5 mg
  • Vitamin B6             0,3 mg
  • Vitamin C               1,4 mg
  • Vitamin D               < 10 IE
  • Vitamin E               3,0 mg
  • Niacin                     2,5 mg

and minerals (per 100g hemp seed):

  • Sodium                 1,3 mg
  • Potassium              617,0 mg
  • Calcium            168,0 mg
  • Calcium               86,9 mg
  • Magnesium       605,9 mg
  • Iron                   17,9 mg
  • Phosphorus           830,2 mg
  • Zinc                         8,2 mg
  • Iodine                     0,084 mg


Hemp seeds are a thing quite unequivocally belong to the nutritionally quality oilseeds, the ...

  • activates the cardiovascular system and metabolism
  • promote muscle growth
  • stabilize the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue
  • regulate digestion
  • protects the airways
  • strengthens the nervous system
  • supports the immune system
  • ensures a healthy skin
  • promotes a shiny coat
  • Prevents deficiency symptoms

Hemp seeds are particularly suitable for the treatment...

  • from sweet itch in horses and other skin problems in horses, dogs, cats
  • from allergies
  • respiratory diseases
  • hyperacidity
  • of colic tendency in horses tilt
  • of diarrheal diseases
  • of watery excrements in horses
  • of joint problems (osteoarthritis, arthritis, and chronic forms)
  • Kissing Spines in horses / spondylosis in dogs
  • Cauda Equina in the dog
  • inflammation
  • of fertility problems
  • metabolic disorders such as EMS and ECS horses, Cushing and diabetes in dogs
  • to strengthen lean animals
  • to build up muscles
  • to improve performance
  • for more nerve- and stress resistance
  • for reconvalescence
  • for strengthening the immune system
  • to improve the vitality and well-being
  • to alleviate everyday problems in seniors

and to support

  • the healthy growth of young animals
  • healthy coat and hair growth, solid claws, hooves and fingernails


Answer to the first question: Cannabis no intoxicating side effects

The first question that we ask our customers who do not yet know the hemp seed feed or food itself usually is mostly that it is known forits intoxicating effect. In this respect, we want also the first answer to be at this point: The intoxicating drug THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is this high level that it could be used as a drug, only exists in the medical hemp respectively noise hemp. There are also primarily the inflorescences, respectively the sepals and bracts of the female hemp plant, which give the THC itsr psychoactive effects. But also the precursors contained therein are really active only when they are very hot (at least 220 ° C), as is the case with smoking or the caking of hemp in the cookie dough.

We use the seeds from the net or lining Hemp (who therefore has really nothing to do with the Indian medicinal or drug hemp and from which one can not win hash or weed) with an extremely low THC content of less than 0.2%, but from this not only animals humans can benefit but also, since our cannabis seeds meet the requirements for human food.

In this respect, you should not only feed your animals with it, because we humans benefit from the essential fatty acids and amino acids:

  • beautiful, healthy, shiny hair
  • firmer fingernails
  • a taut connective tissue
  • smooth skin
  • improved mobility
  • more vitality and performance
  • increased stress resistance and resilience
  • and the health-promoting effect on all organs and the musculoskeletal system is enormous!


A second question, which is, incidentally, asked us again and again, is why we do not like to offer the hemp just like that of our our competitors, in a ground shape:

The reason of it can be explained by a large oil content of cannabis seeds: If the protective seed coats is broken, they get in contact with UV light as well as oxygen and these factors initiate a decomposition of the ingredients that can evaporate quickly and, secondly, for the decomposition of the oil and that will go rancid. Comparing the hemp with flax seed, then you will find that it is sold either as a brown flaxseed, which you should cook in larger amounts, or is available as a yellow flax seeds, so that the cyanide content is not dangerous even in the raw feed or as de-oiled and thermally treated linseed cake flakes or pellets and rarely as ground flaxseed - the producers of flax seed products know why ;-)

The Cannabis Seeds can also be digested in whole form by horses, dogs and cats, because horses grind the nutlets between their teeth thus well coping with it; dogs and cats swallow down
the seeds and have a very aggressive stomach acid, which facilitates the utilization of hemp seed . Who uses the cannabis for himself and crushes him anyway can also grind the nutlets for his dog, his cat or his old horse. They are then a little more intense in flavor, but still eagerly eaten by all animals.

It's just that you shouldn't grind large quantities for several weeks because the intact shell protects the contents from spoiling, and after about five days, the grinded cannabis seeds lose their valuable active ingredients and may then also become rancid.


A third question also engaged us again and again - it is in accordance with the price differentials of hemp products,...

...because if 100% hemp is offered usually there is only pure hemp in the package.To that extent we do noalso does not reveal to us, why the dogs offered as hemp Cannabis Seedt
understand why our competitor's are three times as expensive as the one that is sold as horses Hemp Seeds.. additives do not justify the higher price, because on both packages 100% hemp is indicated.

At this point we point out that also do nothing more than selling

100% pure hemp seed

The fact that we explicitly offer hemp for horse, dog, cat and bird, only is due to the keywords that were established, those which are entered into search engines and ultimately cause that you can find our offers there (give only a hemp and can be found only even the pages for drug hemp).

The products Dog Hemp, hemp horses, cats and birds Hemp are the same ? the dogs hemp is therefore also for consumption by horses and cats and birds are all are fed the same it is also
suitable for humans.



Due to the high oil content of the hemp seed, what should be the dosage? Meaning: One offers the first week one-third of the final dose, increases the dose within the first seven days from the 8th to the 14th day to two-thirds, and from the 15th day you have the achieved dose..


PferdeFor Horses

  • Small Pony race (Shetty, Welsh A etc) up to 250 kg body weight                       

15g per day

  • Ponies (riding ponies, Haflinger, etc.) to 400 kg body weight

30 to 40 g per day

  • Great horses up to 600 kg body weight                                                                   

45 to 50 g per day

  • Horses, heavier than 600 kg of body weight and draft horses                         

60 to 75 g per day

In a normal Warmblood Horse 500kg This means for example:

  • Week 1:                       15 g per day
  • Week 2:                       30 g per day
  • From the third week   45 g per day

If the hemp feeding is targeted against acute or chronic diseases, it is advisable to slowly increase the dose to 150 to 200%, so that administer twice the recommended dose until improvement of symptoms can be seen:


Example of a normal Warmblood horse 500 kg body weight

Instead of 45 g per day - 75 to 90 g per day until improvement of symptoms can be seen.


HundeFor Dogs

  • to 10 kg body weight                                     per day 5g
  • 11 kg to 25 kg of body weight              6 g to 10 g per day
  • 26 kg to 50 kg of body weight            10 g to 18 g per day
  • from 51 kg body weight                      18 g to 25 g per day


 KatzenFor Cats

  • 1-2 kg body weight                    2 g per day
  • to 5 kg of body weight                       per day 4 g
  • more than 5 kg of body weight               6 g per day


MenschenFor humans

  • about 50 g per day

Neumann spices can assume no liability for the correct application, dosing and feeding. Every pet owner is responsible for his animals, each animal keeper for their animals, individually responsible. In any case should the vet / vet or pet medicine of your confidence be asked for advice at a change in diet. For every animal behaves differently and may react differently to certain ingredients.

Neumann animal spices E.K.

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