The base of the Neumann team

Torsten Neumann - the base of the team

Torsten Neumann

Medicinal herbs Manufactory of tradition and passion

Our family business was founded under the name "Spice Mill Herzfelde" in 1996. The origins of our company date back to a Dresden Maggi company, which was founded in 1918.

From this long experience and the steadily growing know-how, we are able to offer the best possible quality for you.

We procure our high-quality raw materialsof certified major companies and importers, which themselves get supplied by certificated growers in the manufacturing countries. In addition, we trade with spices from organic farming (certified organic).

In the last 10 years we used ever-increasing contact with zoos, animal practices and private breeders. So we are also purveyor of the Cologne Zoo and many veterinary practices and alternative practitioner. Since 2012, we provide you with our know-how for herbs and spices in the veterinary medicine and focus specifically on medicinal herbs / mixtures, oils and spices for animals. Of course we did not forget the well-being of our customers and also create treats such as special teas.

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Yours, Torsten Neumann

Herr Neumann

Ms. Albrecht - the good soul

Is the heart and soul of the Herb Factory, which would like to stay in the background in terms of her loving restraint.