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WURM UP für den Hund

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  • In order to prevent intestinal parasites
  • To support the selective deworming
  • To support the body's defenses to combat intestinal parasites
  • For detoxification and intestinal rehabilitation after chemical anthelmintic therapy
  • In preparation for a anthelmintic therapy because of present strong worm problem

Darmparasitenbefall beim Hund

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Balanced mix of handpicked herbs

  • pumpkin seeds
  • granulated carrots
  • coconut flakes
  • walnut
  • Mugwort
  • bedstraw
  • Thyme


  • pumpkin seeds

The seeds contain fatty oils especially, proteins, pectins, phytosterols, vitamins (especially vitamin E), hormone-like substances, amino cucurbitine, selenium and sucrose. In the forefront in terms of deworming mainly occurs the amino acid cucurbitine because it paralyzes the intestinal parasites, which then detaches from the intestinal wall and can be expelled by means of intestinal peristalsis. In the past, the fixed oil of pumpkin seeds was even considered reliable deworming with tapeworm infestation. Today this effect is rarely used and the pumpkin seeds attributed primarily its healing effect on bladder and prostate conditions, because the drugs positively affect the mechanism of micturition.

  • carrot powder

beta-carotene is most related to the action of carrots, which is converted in the liver into vitamin A, and has positive impact both to the eyesight, as well as on fertility. But ther is still a lot more in carrots because they are valuable vitamin, mineral and trace element donors. In addition to the high content of carotene, the content of the factors of the vitamin B group is astonishing, whereas vitamin C is low-grade available. Their posess minerals and trace elements, salts like magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, copper, iodine and manganese, especially the potassium and phosphorus salts are to be emphasized in terms of volume. The nutrient richness is of course interesting because the ingredients are already able to compensate for part of the incurred by the intestinal parasites deficits in a herbal-worming medication. At the forefront of deworming mainly are essential oils, since they promote the worm-retardant property of carrots, paralyze intestinal parasites and leave the environment in the intestine worm unfriendly. Furthermore, the pectin ensures the regulation of digestion, and thus promotes the uptake of nutrients. Moreover, carrots have a positive effect on the body's natural defenses and support the immune response to intestinal parasites.

    coconut flakes

The flesh of the coconut contains valuable lauric acid, which is known primarily as a component of breast milk and the one ascribes one of its most important features: The increase of the immune system and the body's defenses! These saturated medium chain fatty acid is contained in coconut oil with 40% to 50% and makes coconut in the intestinal cleansing and deworming of animals extremely helpful because the antimicrobial effects of lauric acid against bacteria, yeasts, fungi and certain viruses have benn famous since the 1960s. Discovered in the 90- ies, there are additional specific anti-viral activities against herpes simplex virus, measles and HIV, as well as many other
viruses and viewed under this aspect, coconut assist the intestine not only in the fight against unwanted guests, but also strengthen the intestinal mucosa and help build a healthy and balanced intestinal flora, which can certainly also defend against parasites themselves. The coconut moreover also provides valuable folic acid, and zinc and selenium, although those are not having main effects for the deworming this nevertheless, but it shows that the natural deworming with the healing power plants promotes certainly desirable side effects of general improved well being. Moreover, it is often claimed that the material adhering to the intestinal walls scrapes off worms, larvae and worm eggs by the coconut flakes or at least make it difficult for worm's implantation into the intestine, in the different stages.

  • walnut leaves

The most outstanding feature of walnut leaves is its astringent effect, because the high content of tannins and tannic acids, bitter substances, flavonoids, juglone and essential oils act astringent, but also stimulating, thus including walnut leaves being useful and beneficial as medicinal herbs to the entire digestive system. In addition there is a pronounced antiinflammatory and blood-purifying effect after the use of allopathic anthelmintic therapy. That essential oils turn the intestinal environment problematic for worm can not only help expulsion of the worms and eggs, but also prevent new infection, because where worms do not feel comfortable, they don't stay.

  • Mugwort

This medicinal plant is considered as "Little sister" of the worm herb wormwood, which is working similar. But the focus of the mugwort is mainly its active ingredient artemisinin. This is a secondary plant substance, chemically a sesquiterpene that occurs in the leaves and flowers of annuals mugwort (Artemisia annua). Artemisinin is considered to be anti-cancer agent and is always used amplified in tumor therapy. Since ancient times mugwort was known primarily as a de-worming medication, because mugwort contains worm retardant essential oils (up to 0.3%) such as 1,8-cineole, camphor, linalool, thujone and many Monoterpenene and sesquiterpenes (depending on Origin). Furthermore, before coming: Sesquiterpenlactone (among others Vulgarin and psilostachyin), flavonol glycosides and coumarins. As the wormwood also acts of mugwort because of its bitter substances as a stomach tonic that is also the milieu in the gut can be worm-unfriendly. Wormwood contains not only substances like tannins and bitter substances (eg Sesquiterpenlactone), who play in the intestinal rehabilitation an important role, so as diarrheal diseases, which are based on a disturbed intestinal flora, can be stopped, but also develops an antibacterial healing effect in the intestine, so that the balance of digestive bacteria is brought back into balance. Especially when deworming but also its antifungal therapeutic effect plays a major role because mugwort using its essential oils such as camphor, cineol and thujone creates an intestinal environment in which fungi, but also parasites no longer feel comfortable and therefore no longer procreate, respectively voluntarily move out. In addition, the present thujone can paralyze the adult worms, making them inactive and excreted. Another effect of the substances in mugwort is to promote the contraction of the muscles, causing the worm expulsion is made easier, but unfortunately by the contraction promoting effect also the uterus of carrying mare be affected and there may be preterm labor who could have an abortion result.

  • bedstraw

What appears well semlling for our noses, might very well nebe for some insects a reason to haste away being the case with the cleavers, because it contains coumarins, whose smell is reminiscent of the scent of hay. It has natural anti-moth agents against unwanted guests in your closet, but cleaves can be effective even among those that feed in the intestine. But bedstraw is additionally supported due to the saponin being also contained and therefore does not only take action to create an worm unfriendly intestinal environment but contributes to a natural deworming, thus protecting against reinfection with intestinal parasites. last to be mentiones ist its contribution to the intestinal rehabilitation and healing of inflammations in the gastrointestinal area..

Intestinal parasites in dogs: Blackheads in the digestive system

If have intestinal worms taken root in the dog , which under normal circumstances is a case for a strong immune system of the dog, since usually the body's own defense should uphold
against such an attack . New evidence indicates even that if the organism successfully challenged light worm infestation, this even helps for then being quasi vaccinated - and is less
challenged by the time of t he next imminent worm infestation.

Nevertheless, one oftenly uses directly chemical worm control as a responsible dog owner. Maybe it is possibly that even after a deworming the stomach is so clean that even the bacteria and
germs that make up the intestinal flora died with the worms? Finally, the active ingredients in the allopathic anthelmintic therapy do not distinguish what should live in the intestines which serves the health and to what die because it is a parasite - they atack everything living in the digestive tract and ensure that it disappears ... side effects included!


poisonous cures

Actually, one associated with a cure something good, since a cure is healing. A look at the ingredients and the side effects of wormers can, however, rise doubts whether one renders the dog
rather ill.

Throughout all allopathic anthelmintic therapy for dogs there are toxic chemical agents, because the intestinal parasites would not die without these poisons. Although their death is initially a success, it nevertheless suggests that the dead worms which are not excreted immediately but lie a few days in the gut without rotting doens't seem good. Again poisons arise which primarily means that the detoxification organs are challenged again.

Nevertheless, the European Scientific Counsel Companion Animal Parasites (ESCCAP) recommends for parasites in dogs and cats - an chemical anthelmintic therapy scheme which suggests
therapy for the adult dogs four times a year and every two weeks for puppies.

For this purpose it is for puppies advised for ressource against nematodes (especially against roundworms)as flubendazole, fenbendazole or milbemycin, while in older dogs prophylactic treatment against tapeworm (z. B. with praziquantel) is recommended..

Is it really useful to a preventively apply a therapy to the dog without diagnosis of intestinal parasites confirmed by the vet? What do you want to achieve? That the worms do not move into a digestive tract, where a therapy has been applied recently?

The fact is that quite the opposite is achieved because a nearly germfree intestine lacks the intestinal flora, which is also responsible for the intact immune system, because in the intestines the center of health is located! Destroy that one with a worm treatment, reduces the body's defenses and the worms will have it even easier to infiltrate in this gut, where there is no one fighting against them!

So it would be better to strengthen the immune system and the intestinal flora! So that a healthy dog organism can fights for itself against unwanted blackheads in the gastrointestinal tract!

Of course it makes sense to collect fecal samples of several days when a dog or cat was attacked by fleas, because that can transmit tapeworms and an inspection of the feces by the veterinarian reveales whether the dog has worms or not, so then also a worm therapy is only applied when needed. This approach brings another advantage: worms develop resistance to drugs when they are regularly "fed" - who applies therapies only in cases of proven worms as paste or tablet, achieves that the worms remain sensitive to the active substance.

Who wants to apply anit worm therapy proceeds a path which consists of several steps, since our herbal atni worm mixture WurmUp is not intended to kill the worms in the short term with a single gift.


  • it paralyzes the worms
  • activates the intestinal peristalsis, so that the worms can be excreted,
  • creates a healthy, balanced intestinal flora and a worm unfriendly intestinal environment, in which worms not feel well and cannot proliferate

and strengthens the immune system to activate the body's defenses which know an immune response to the intestinal parasites and therefore can fight, but also a new infection with worms


Recommended Dosage

  • small dogs up to 15 kg body weight                 3 to 5 g per day
  • medium-sized dogs to 35 kg body weight       5 to 10 g per day
  • large dogs from 36 kg body weight                10 to 15 g per day

over a period of 4 weeks



We recommend our herb worm therapy Warm Up as periodic worm prophylaxis (at least 2x a year), but point out that the collection and laboratory analysis of the dog excrement still makes sense. We also recommend the use of our therapy WurmUp as preparation for a chemical therapy also according to a present chemical theraoy at a strong worm problem or intestinal rehabilitation after a chemical therapy.

In connection with herbal worm therapy is often recommended for particularly "sensitive" and "meticulous" gourmets to take the powder, a little flour and honey to roll a herbal pill. We can not give this recommendation because bitter herbs such as wormwood are limited in their effect by coadministration of honey. In addition, worms are nourished with sugary foods, thus creating a worm-friendly environment in the digestive tract. It is therefore recommended, if the powder in oil stir (eg linseed oil), in order then to mingle with the food or to make it more palatable with a little ground dried meat (eg from Carnello)..

If the dog does not accept the herbs in this form, they can be stirred in a pinch of plain yogurt or cream cheese even dairy foods are often described as suboptimal in connection with a deworming but before one feeds cereal starch from flour and sugar feeding made of honey (both regarded as promoting worms) dairy products are the better alternative.


Neumann animal spices

Natural and pure
Free of fillers
Free of dyes
All herbs and fruits in food quality.

Neumann spices can assume no liability for the correct application, dosing and feeding. Every pet owner is responsible for his animals, each animal keeper for their animals, individually responsible. In any case should the vet / vet or pet medicine of your confidence be asked for advice at a change in diet. For every animal behaves differently and may react differently to certain ingredients.


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