Oil blend "EQUI WELL" for horses, 500 ml concentration of base oils

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Ölmischung "EQUIWOHL" für Pferde

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  • Coconut oil
    • 100% fresh pulp                                 
      • free of any additives          
      • without GMO
      • not bleached
      • unrefined
      • not deodorized
      • not hardened
             from controlled organic cultivation
    • up to 59.42% lauric acid
    • ideal for vegans and raw food fans
    • free from gluten and lactose
    • free of trans fats
    • in raw food quality

Again and again coconut oil appeared as a "magic bullet" against pests of all kinds. You could read it in forums for dogs and horses and of course, this made us curious. So we started to do
research on coconut oil and tested it.

We have found that coconut oil reliably protects against infection due to its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effect and at the same time supports the natural healing process of the
skin, wheras the coconut oil reduces scarring or even entirely prevented it.

It was particularly emphasized that coconut oil always rids the skin of dandruff and supports the hair going to have more shine and better combability. In fact, in a test it could even be shown
that "dreadlocks" easily unravel and that the mane matted no longer around the neck.

Meanwhile, we could confirm that coconut oil moisturizes and simultaneously creates an environment on the skin on which bacteria and fungi do not feel comfortable about. In addition,
coconut oil does not irritate the skin, but it takes the base for bacteria and fungi.

Meanwhile, we could confirm that coconut oil moisturizes and simultaneously creates an environment on the skin on which bacteria and fungi do not feel comfortable about. In addition, coconut oil does not irritate the skin, but it takes the base for bacteria and fungi.

Even agianst hair loss coconut oil helps because it consists mainly of medium-chain triglyceride fats. These triglyceride fats have the perfect molecular structure to quickly enter in the
scalp and the hair to then penetrate effectively follicles to improve the supply of nutrients. In addition, coconut oil contains the valuable lauric acid, which interacts with the microflora on the scalp and monolaurin forms having very effective antifungal and antibacterial properties. The active ingredients in coconut oil thus can destroy infectious pathogens that affect the formation of hair follicles, it therefore acts as a natural antioxidant, which protects the follicles from the damage caused by free radicals and thus hair loss.


  • almond oil

Hardly any other oil is recommended asoften as almond oil against skin and hair problems . It effects the cell renewal, it has a positive effect on damaged, brittle hair, and its ability is
to promote hair growth, to give the hair shine and prevent dandruff for this it is known for nearly 4000 years.

Almond oil contains saturated and unsaturated fatty which are structurally very similar to the natural skin fat and therefore supports the barrier function of the cells. With the high proportion of 86% oleic acid, which has a double bond in the middle of the carbon chain, almond oil may very well be absorbed by the skin and also act in the deeper layers of skin. Moreover, almond oil contains linoleic acid, which makes the skin more resistant to infection and moisturizes. Palmitic acid is also included in almond oil and is an important component of the skin barrier and the protective acid mantle. It is necessary to protect the skin from external influences.

Almond oil supports skin cell renewal by the contained vitamin A and 32 percent share of vitamin E. Therefore almond oil has a nourishing and soothing effect on the skin.


  • Burdock root oil

The main application of burdock oil lies in its antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, soothing and decongestant effect on the skin. It i known in the human field of application
as a remedy for psoriasis, eczema or atopic dermatitis and is used for hair conditioners. In horses, it nourishes and protects the skin, supports the healing of summer wounds and blessings from scrub blessings. In addition, burdock oil relieves the itching and also helps against dandruff and scabs. Moreover, it has a regulating and tonic with dry long hair, protects against hair loss
and it ensures luster and better hair growth.


  • jojoba oil

Jojoba oil reduces inflammation, increases the elasticity of the skin and protects it long lasting reliable protection against moisture loss, contains pro-vitamin A and vitamin E, maintains the favorable fatty acid composition of the skin, protects against dehydration, without leaving a greasy film on the skin (as it actually is a wax) and has a natural sun protection factor
of three to four, which is particularly important in the lightsensitive horses with pink-red skin.


  • neem oil

Neem oil is nourishing, and supports regeneration and healing of the skin and keeps insects away becuase of its intense fragrance.

Even though the positive properties of neem oil are not to be despised on the skin and the hair, the insecticidal effect is probably the most important in applying Neem tree oil products. For pet owners, it has become known mainly because it reliable fleas, ticks, mites, flies, lice and mosquitoes markets, where it also relieves the itching occurring after an engraving.

Of the proven 34 different substances that act in neem against insects, the following are essential to assess: azadirachtin, Salaninne, meliantriol, Nimbin, 6-Desacetylnimbin, NIM-76, and

  • Azadirachtinis one of the large group of terpenes. It is the sex hormone ecdysteroid that in many insects and arachnids regulates growth and molting, it is very similar in its structure
    and is therefore not recognized as foreign to the body. It passes smoothly in the metabolism of insects. Thereby the Chintinsynthese is stopped, which means that the insect can not fully develop its protective exoskeleton. At the same time the development of the insect is stopped already in the larval stage, respectively at the time of pupation.
  • Salanninnes and meliantriol act as insect repellents by its intense smell but also tastes bitter, which spoils the bloodsuckers appetite.
  • Nimbin and Nimbidin contain bitter substances that prevent insects from stinging or biting. In addition, they are attributed also antivirelle properties.
  • Quercetinis one of the flavonoids, the phytochemicals which give flowers their intense color. However, flavonoids act as protection against pests for plant which thus resists attacks. They are about as Reppelent and are toxic in their form as flavone and flavonol glycosides, such as based on rutin, quercitrin and Isoquercitrin, for insects, while being non-toxic to higher animals..

The toxicity of neem oil is also a much discussed topic among pet owners, in fact may neem however not be applied internally, even if it is partly used even as a decoction for mouthwash. But it not only has a healing effect on the skin, but can also irritate the mucous membranes in high doses. In this respect it should be used exclusively for external use. A real potential danger for health, however, mainly comes fromcontaminated or unrefined oils that contain undesirable substances..

In the small amounts of high quality neem oil, just like it is included in our anti-insect oil, the active compounds in neem oil are far less dangerous than in commercial insecticides, which are based on the neurotoxin of chrysanthemum. Nevertheless, we always recommend a sparing use because the effectiveness against insects is even given with small amounts of neem oil.

It is also recommended even as a pure application to treat blank spots in the mane cused by tail chafing, it disinfects wounds and accelerates the healing process. Moreover, it is an ingredient in many fly sprays and mites agents which are applied relatively safe on the horse's coat. Hypersensitivity and sensitive horses tht sufferers from allergy , however, should be completely excluded from almost any drug application.


  • Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, skin regenerating, soothing, emollient and healing effects (more on this can be found here)


  • Tea Tree Oil

In tea tree oil around 100 different substances and compounds have an effect. Essential mainly are the contained substances terpinen-4-ol (is highly effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses), 1.8-cineol (antibacterial effect), Alpha-pinene (taken as an antimicrobially highly active substance which can be easily absorbed through the skin and has an antibacterial effect), and monoterpenes (has a healing effect, though in sensitive horses it can also have an irritatingskin effect)..

Tea tree oil is considered as wound healing, antiseptic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, soothes skin irritations and keeps insects away by its strong scent (tea tree oil should be carefully tested for compatibility, because with sensitive horses, it dries of the skin too much)

  • Citronella, geranium and clove oil

Essential oils whose strong fragrance superimposed on the smell of horses and thus keeps insects away, can be found in virtually every natural insecticide. We chose citronella (lemon grass) -,
geranium and clove oil because of this

  • Clove oils ingredient eugenol shows demonstrable effects against bacteria, fungi and viruses and therefore is disinfectant, but also has an anesthetic and analgesic effect.
  • Citronella oilcontains the ingredients citral and myrcene, which are responsible for the smell, thus dispelling insects. Moreover the smell of citronella oil has a stress mitigation, creats an additional soothing effect especially with troubled horses during plagues of insects.
  • Geraniol has a natural insecticide, as well as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect

Additionally Equi Well oil the following ingredients hare contained

  • Fenugreek seeds powder

Fenugreek seeds have long been known as a natural remedy for ulcers and skin lesions. Even Sebastian Kneipp recommended those: "The seeds are anti-inflammatory, softening and
absorbing; the cleaned wounds heal very soon for the fenugreek seed acts as depriving concerning blood poisoning which thus can be prevented, as well as preventing the formation of wild,
rotten flesh.

But in addition fenugreek seeds improves hair growth.

However, the powder settles at the bottom of the bottle. It is recommended to shake the bottle well before use. Although the active ingredients have dissolved after 14 days in EQUI WELL oil and have been transferred to the oil, so that one could also filter out the powder, still little powder grains remain, which easily can be brushed out of the fur, or have a slight massage effect when rubbed, which then promotes the circulation of the skin.

Anti insect oil - equi well against pests and itching»


Neumann spices can assume no liability for the correct application, dosing and feeding. Every pet owner is responsible for his animals, each animal keeper for their animals, individually responsible. In any case should the vet / vet or pet medicine of your confidence be asked for advice at a change in diet. For every animal behaves differently and may react differently to certain ingredients.

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