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  • Mugwort stimulates the gastric juice production and digestion.
  • It is effective against diarrhea, vomiting and against foot odor.
  • Good effect, when administered as a tea.
  • With its heat-generating properties, it works well for abdominal and chronic cystitis and ovarian inflammation. Mugwort acts also stimulates digestion, ie, it promotes the formation of digestive juices.
  • Unlike other digestive herbs it not only helps the stomach and intestines, but it also supports the pancreas in its work.

This medicinal plant is considered the "little sister" of the worm herb wormwood and it is a lot like it in its effects. But the focus of mugwort is mainly through its active ingredient artemisinin. This is a secondary plant substance, chemically a sesquiterpene that occurs in the leaves and flowers of the annuals mugwort (Artemisia annua). Artemisinin is considered to be anti-cancer agent and is always used in tumor therapy. Since ancient times one knew the mugwort primarily as a de-worming medication, because the mugwort contains worm retardant essential oils (up to 0.3%) such as 1,8-cineole, camphor, linalool, thujone and many Monoterpenenes and sesquiterpenes (depending on origin). Furthermore, there are: Sesquiterpenlactone (among others Vulgarin and psilostachyin), flavonol glycosides and coumarins. Like the mugwort the wormwood also acts as a stomach tonic because of its bitter substances thus the milieu in the gut can be worm-unfriendly. Wormwood contains not only substances like tannenes and bitter substances (eg Sesquiterpenlactones) who play an important role in the intestinal rehabilitation, so diarrheal diseases, which
are based on a disturbed intestinal flora, can be stopped, but it also develops an antibacterial healing effect in the intestine, so that the balance of digestive bacteria is brought back.It plays a major role especially when deworming but also its antifungal therapeutic effect because mugwort uses its essential oils such as camphor, cineol and thujone creates an intestinal environment in which fungi, but also parasites no longer feel comfortable and therefore no longer procreate, respectively voluntarily move out. In addition, the thujone can paralyze the adult worms, making them inactive and excreted. Another effect of the substances in mugwort is to promote the contraction of the muscles, causing the worm to be expulsion easier, but unfortunately by the contraction effect the uterus of carrying mare are affected and there may be preterm labor which could have an abortion as result..


Mugwort for horses

Therefore Wormwood is suitable as a feed supplement especially for hard to feed, lean horses.
Recommended Dosage

  • Ponies 15g per day

  • Small horses up to 450 kg body weight about 20 g

  • Big horses from 450 kg: 25 g per day.

  • Do not use more than 3 weeks as a single force

    AchtungDo not feed to pregnant animals. Do not apply permanently.

Our customers give mugwort to the following animals:
Mugwort for horses for budgies / birds
Mugwort for guinea pigs

Beifuss für Pferde, Beifuss für Tiere, Neumann Gewürze, Tiergewürze

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