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Flaxseed and expeller flakes for:

Für Pferde Für HundeFür KatzenFür Geniesser

They are no longer ust as a digestive aid and to support a healthy skin and shiny hair, but are a wonderful source of energy to improve performance and to feed them ro meager animals.But flaxseed may also be low in calories, if you want to only benefit from their gums and their digestive properties to diet it has to be used in its whole form, because then the oil thats is contained remains hidden under the protection of the shell, which can not be digested, but is excreted.

However, if you also want to take advantage of many vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, the high protein content and all the other valuable ingredients of linseed, you should grind them or employ linseed cake flakes.

Whatever choice you make or whether you ordered both products, we leave tp your decision:



Among the oil-bearing crops, thus the seeds of plants, does this include flaxseed? compared with pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds more likely to the smaller ones because they reach just a length of 4 to 6 mm.

As for their health benefits, they are among the biggest, because the linseed are the best plants as sources of omega-3 fatty acid, to which a general cardiovascular protection is

Moreover, the seed coat of linseed contains a high amount of fiber, which are distinguished by their high swelling capacity, because they increase their volume in the colon at least two to three times its original size, because they absorb water from this section of the intestine and thus counteract diarrhea. Simultaneously, the stool volume increases and so stimulates the intestinal peristalsis, the intestine moves more and digestion is cranked. Flaxseed thus regulates the digestive system, because the seed counteracts constipation as well as diarrhea.

The special feature of this fiber is its slime-forming property and this mucus (in 100 g flax seeds are 3-10 g mucilage contained) gets the intestinal contents lubricious. Moreover, it lies down as a protective film on the gastric and intestinal mucosa and is therefore an effective aid against chronic inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, because beneath the protective mucus irritated and inflamed mucous membranes can heal better..

Another ingredient of flaxseed are the lignans. In fact, the flaxseed is valid under the Oil seed, which contain most of lignans. In principle it concerns with these phytochemicals to an
intermediate in the biological structure of lignin (lat. Lignum = wood), so the woody parts of plants. Lignans appear in the cell walls present in different concentrations and accumulate
especially in the outer layers of seeds. They belong to the group of phytoestrogens and are very similar in their biological activity of the female sex hormone estrogen. In human medicine, it is used e.g. as plant hormones in women during menopause, because they can cease the complaints, and even act against osteoporosis.

Again and again, lignans also related to their health-promoting effect in hormone-dependent tumors.Here, however, the antioxidant effect of linseed oil contained reduce the risk of cancer, because of the vitamins contained; especially the vitamin E stands up in the fight against free radicals that promote cellular aging and attack cells, destroy or change in their structure so that they tend to tumor formation. But flaxseed contains antioxidants and which are free radical scavengers So flaxseed protects the cells.

The vitamins contained in the linseed additional support of essential, polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega-3 fatty acid (alpha-linolenic acid). Thus flaxseed may affect the ratio of omega-6 fatty acids to omega-3 fatty acid in the body positively because in the organism omega-3 fatty acid compete with omega-6 fatty acids, whose main representative is the linoleic acid. During the metabolic processes inflammatory or proinflammatory substances occur. This is done in accordance with the ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids: When exposed to high amounts of omega-6 fatty acids (. Eg linoleic acid) more pro-inflammatory substances are built, at comparatively higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acid (eg alpha-linolenic acid) rather anti-inflammatory substances are formed. The ratio of omega-6 fatty acid to omega-3 fatty acid should be no greater than 5: 1..

Omega-3 fatty acids are, however, involved in the construction of nerve and brain cells, improve the flow of blood and are considered "heart healthy" fats.

Moreover, the fatty acids and vitamins have a very positive effect on the skin and the hair, because the elasticity and the mantle of the skin are strengthened so that it is a whole more resilient and healthy and the hair growth is promoted as well. This also results in a wonderfully shiny fur.

You should therefore think of linseed in case of all itchy lesions.

Für PferdeIn horses flaxseed is used primarily at a tendency of colic constipation because it functions digestive and antispasmodic. But flaxseed is also an excellent source of energy, the less strain on the metabolism, as a correspondingly high energy fe.

Für PferdeFür HundeIn this respect, flaxseed is also suitable for horses that are hard to feed or lean dogs.By essential fatty acids contained , the nutrients can be better utilized by the organism.

Flaxseed also have both - an anti-inflammatory, as well as a fertilizing effect.


Nutritional content of flaxseed:

100 g contains...



379 kcal/ 16 MJ

crude protein


Crude fiber



31,4 g

Linoleic acid (n-6-FS)

4,1 g

Linolenic acid (n-3-FS)

16,7 g


24,8 g


0 g


33,8 g


6,2 g

However, when eating or when feeding flaxseed to animals consagain, the contetantly cadmium and hydrogen cyanide is in the focus. At a dosage of more than 20 grams, this ingredient harms no one and in dogs 1 to 3 g flaxseed can safely be 5 to 10 g, in cats even when permanently fed. Especially when such small amounts are taken as whole seeds or with minimal broken shell, the cadmium in the bud remains and does not leak out.

Für PferdeIn horses, however, ir is advised due to the higher dose of 50 to 100 g per day to make the linseed always swell overnight in water and then cook it with the addition of about 2 liters of water approximately 30 minutes. After that, you turn off the heat of the stove plate, covering the pot with a lid until they are cooled to the extent that they can be stirred into a mash example, to feed the flaxseed.

But It's not just about the contained cadmium, but also to the substance linamarin contained in the flaxseed ? which can be toxic to horses, because it can be converted to hydrogen
cyanide by enzymatic processes in the horse's gut. However, the cooking of linseed destroys the enzyme which is responsible for the release of linamarin..

Who is feeding flaxseed to achieve a weight gain in his animal, should use crushing or grinding of the linseed because only then the concealed fatty acids, the protein contained and the various vitamins and minerals in the intestines and can be reach dunder the protective shell (which can not be digested and is excreted again) and then metmetabolized . However, you should not buy a crushed or ground flaxseed on stock, because the polyunsaturated fatty acids are highly sensitive to oxygen and are very quickly become rancid.

Who wants to just benefit from the formation of slime and doesn't want to increase (or make sure wants his animals stay thin) should use it as whoel seed and as a "low-calorie variant" , but here remains to be noted that the quantities may not be too large, and this option does not apply to horses.




Für PferdeFür HundeFür KatzenFür Geniesser

Human 20 g per day

Dog 5 to 10 g per day

Cat 1 to 3 g per day

Horses 50 to 100g a day (only use uncooked)


linseed cake flakes

Linseed cake flakes provide a time-saving alternative to the use of flaxseed because they do not have to be cooked or soaked can be fed dry because they do not contain cyanide and cadmium. However Leinkuchenflakes lacks the high amount of linseed oil of the seed, because with them it is a byproduct that is produced by the pressing of linseed for oil extractiont.

Nevertheless, it has a similar beneficial effect on health, just as the flaxseed itself because valuable fiber and mucilage as a part of the essential fatty acids and vitamins and minerals are still included.

Particularly interesting is the feeding of line seed flakes for digestive and skin problems, such as:

  • for the prevention of colic
  • in diarrhea
  • to stimulate bowel activity
  • to build a healthy intestinal mucosa (valuable microorganisms can colonize in the intestine)
  • for gentle regeneration of irritated gastrointestinal mucous membranes (protective mucins prevent irritations)
  • eczema inclination (summer eczema)
  • for sensitive skin
  • scaly, dry skin or dull fur

But linseed cake is also rich in

  • essential amino acids
  • natural vitamin E
  • digestive mucins
  • polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3)

Für Pferdeand improves feed conversion and the breakdown of nutrients. In this respect, it is also suitable to feed them to lean horses or for supplying additional energy without burdening the metabolism with indigestible carbohydrates..

Because of its high protein content, it can also be fed to sport horses and broodmares. Also in foal rearing linseed cake can be mixed with the rearing food with a share of 15%


Dosage for horses

  • for horses for prevention and health maintenance 100g per day
  • to feed them up, in lactating broodmares or highly stressed sport horses as well as strong tendency for colics 200 g per day

Linseed cake flakes can also be fed to dogs and cats, but should then be soaked before feeding


Dosage for dogs and cats

Für Katzen

  • Cats up to 5 kg body weight 5g daily
  • Cats over 5 kg body weight 10 g daily

Für Hunde

  • Dogs up to 15 kg body weight 10 g daily
  • Dogs 15 to 30 kg body weight 15 g daily
  • Dogs over 30 kg 20 g daily 


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