The healing herbs / blends and oils lovingly arranged in our manufactories are tested by our alternative practitioner for animals, Miss Sabine Bröckel with her animals on her own farmyard. 


Additional mixtures are developed in collaboration with our customers who contact us with their pets specific sanitary problems. Also, we are optimizing the herbal blends in the course of test series until they have the desired success. That way, only effectively proven medicinal herbal products are included in our webshop.

Additionally we are in active exchange with other alternative practitioners, veterinarians and keepers of animal parks and zoos to further optimize our sortiment of healing herbs and mixtures with the gained insights. Primarily, the goal lies in the optimal well-being of the animals and questions like:

  • In how far do healing herbs / mixtures and spices prove themselves even in difficult cases?
  • Does the quality of our charges prove itself?
  • Are there new insights in the field of herbalism?

Of course the close contact to private animal owners and our customers promptly reporting their experiences are of great importanceto us; which we - if we are allowed to - are publishing here for your information. We like to say a heartfelt thank you for that in this place.

Following you´ll find a short selection of customer links that we are cooperating with. If you like to be listed here - please let us know it


Neumann Gewürze ist Hoflieferant für den Koelner Zoo

Kölner Zoo

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