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Foeniculum vulgare; 25 kg nur als ein Gebinde lieferbar

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Behind Fennel a culinary herb is hidden that unifies enjoying and healing. Beyond that it has an even strengthening and balancing
effect on the psyche.

Its ingredients are:

  • Essential oil with anethole and fenchone
  • bergapten,
  • Boron,
  • Fighter,
  • p-cymene,
  • carvone,
  • chamazulene,
  • Citral,
  • Citronella,
  • coumarins,
  • estragole,
  • eugenol,
  • flavonoids,
  • fumaric acid,
  • Caffeic acid,
  • limonene,
  • linalool,
  • linoleic acid,
  • myristicin,
  • psoralen,
  • a-pinene,
  • salicylates,
  • thymol,
  • tocopherol,
  • trigonelline,
  • umbelliferone,
  • xanthotoxin,
  • Vitamin C,
  • fixed oil and antioxidants

For thousands of years the use of fennel in medicine is widespread especially as a remedy for stomach problems in many parts of the world and in horses it is the best, especially fennel with anise, chamomile and peppermint if the horese has a tendency to colic and digestive problems, as it solves cramping and bloating, and can be applied to all digestive problems. However, dogs and humans benefit from the healing effects of fennel(often called fennel seeds) as a so-called carminative (agent with anti-flatulence properties).

The fennel owes Its positive effect for the stomach especially because of its high proportion of up to 70% of trans-anethole.This essential oil also causes the sweet, aniseed-like flavor and
supports the mobility of smooth muscle in the gastrointestinal tract, which in turn promotes digestion. Moreover, the transanethole helps increase production of gastric juice, thus fennel is also considered appetizing. However, the main function of the trans-anethole is its antispasmodic action, which is probably based on an inhibition of calcium mobilization in the smooth muscle of the digestive tract. If the calcium concentration in the cells decrease, there is a relaxation of the intestinal muscles and the tensions dissolve.

But the trans-anethole can do even more: It speeds frequency of the so-called ciliated epithelia up in the bronchi, the impact where it is concerned with small cell processes that are responsible for the removal of mucus and foreign matter. As a result, fixed set mucus dissolves and can be coughed out. In this respect, the fennel is a first choise tretment especially in conjunction with honey or anise, marshmallow root, licorice root and thyme herb for bronchitis and cough, but also with all other respiratory diseases, as well as inflammation of the upper airways (catarrh).

Another important ingredient in the essential oil of fennel is the fenchone tht is contained to about 15% and which gives the fennel the mild bitter taste. It supports in particular the effect of the trans-anethole and is known for its antimicrobial properties, with which it can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Fennel is used in folk medicine experience or even in gynecological disorders, such as menstrual cramps and promotes the increase in milk production in animals. Reason could be the
ingredient Estragol, which is reputed as hving an estrogen-like effect.

Especially with horses and dogs, it is known for the effect of fennel on the digestion of the animal children, when it is received via the milk.

However, the healing spectrum of fennel with its internal use is not yet done -it is outwardly known for its soothing effect on tired eyes. Prepared with eyebright together as a tea, the fennel adds in the effect of an eye bath or as a compress on the eye applied against conjunctivitis or redness, irritation and increased lacrimation of the eye because of foreign bodies, allergic reactions, or flies (horses in the summer), because fennel has a clarifying and strengthening effect on the eyes.

The antibacterial effect of fennel is used in all skin problems since when it is launched as a compress to a wound or a skin ulcer, it ensures rapid and uncomplicated healing.

To some extent the fennel also acts diuretic and thus it also supports the detoxification of the body by washing out toxins.

Who inserts fennel in jojoba or almond oil, thus obtains an effective massage oil that can relax the abdominal cavity with gastrointestinal problems. Especially infants and young children with 3-month bloating can benefit from such a gentle abdominal massage (and the parents get back sleeping time).

The scent of fennel also has a calming, balancing and strengthening effect on the psyche.

Fennel tea is supposed to be very popular among singers, moreover, because it clarifies the voice and to helps against hoarseness.



Fennel can be dosed for horses with up to 25 g per day, dogs receive depending on their size from 0.5 to 2 g, for poultry it is 0.2 to 0.5 g suggested daily dose and the cats unfortunately don't get fennel, they can not tolerate essential oil because of their weakness of glucuronidation.


But of course you can enjoy the fennel yourselves!

Fennel also is a wonderful spice in the kitchen and is used in sweet and savory yeast pastries, as well as baking bread and it gives fish and seafood an extraordinary taste. Try Fennel also to potatoes and potato pancakes, to meatloaf or ground beef fillings to roast pork or sausage farces to vegetables such as carrots or squash. Most recently fennel fits naturally into the
Christmas cookies and gingerbread or refines your Christmas punch!!


Fenchel für Pferde, Fenchel für Tiere, Neumann Gewürze, Tiergewürze

Neumann spices:
Natural and pure
Free of fillers
Free of dyes

Neumann spices can assume no liability for the correct application, dosing and feeding. Every pet owner is responsible for his animals, each animal keeper for their animals, individually responsible. In any case should the vet / vet or pet medicine of your confidence be asked for advice at a change in diet. For every animal behaves differently and may react differently to certain ingredients..

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