Bow-Wow-well-Oil - oil mixture for dogs, 250 ml, concentrate of base oils

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"WAUWOHL" - Ölmischung für Hunde

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Sensitive dog noses do not allow intense fragrant aromas that would be suitable to keep away the little bloodsuckers. In this respect, the geranium, which acts against biting and stinging pests, e.g. (see here) concerning dogs is not ideal. Even tea tree oil is taboo in dog oil, because on the one hand, it can irritate the skin of sensitive dogs, on the other hand, it is toxic to cats and for dogs not without concern in use. Since many dog owners keep cats, this risk would be too great and, moreover, we just want to use oils which do not pose a risk and also cause no nausea when the dog licks itself.


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In addition, many of us dog owners keep their pets a place free in bed. A greasy oil that makes the daily change of bedspread needed or ruined the good carpet because the dog leaves on grease stains would therefore not have been a good solution. So we decided mainly for "waxy oils", which move quickly and do not leave a greasy film on the skin.


See the ingredients of our Bow-Wow-well-Oil:

  • Coconut oil

Dogs that scratch or even crack thier skin because it itches, do not just need reliable protection from parasites, but also the medical and nursing effect of an oil.

Coconut oil provides reliable protection due to an antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effect against infections while supporting the natural healing process of the skin, coconut oil reduces the scarring, let alone even whole prevention. In addition, coconut oil rids the skin of dandruff and supports the hair to be more shiny and to heve a better combability. Even small tangles are easier to solve with coconut oil and the hair felts less quickly.

Moisture keeps the skin elastic and coconut oil donates not only moisture, but also creates simultaneously a milieu in which bacteria and fungi do not feel comfortable.Coconut oil does not irritate the skin, but it cuts out the soil for bacteria and fungi. It can also be used for eczema because it additionally calms the skin. Last but not least, it is known that dogs, which are daily rubbed with coconut oil, are shunned by fleas, mites and ticks.

Even agianst hair loss coconut oil helps, because it consists mainly of medium-chain triglyceride fats. These triglyceride fats have the perfect molecular structure to quickly enter in the scalp and the hair to then penetrate effectively follicles to improve the supply of nutrients. In addition, coconut oil contains the valuable lauric acid, which interacts with the microflora on the scalp and monolaurin forms having very effective antifungal and antibacterial properties. The active ingredients in coconut oil thus can destroy infectious pathogens that affect the formation of hair follicles, it therefore acts as a natural antioxidant, which protects the follicles from the damage caused by free radicals and thus hair loss.

  • Burdock root oil

The main application of burdock oil lies in its antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, soothing, decongestant effect on the skin. It is known in the human field to be of use as a remedy for psoriasis, eczema or atopic dermatitis and uses it for hair conditioners. In dogs, it nourishes and protects the skin, aids healing of minor injuries of the skin, reduces itching and also acts against dandruff and scabs. Moreover, it has a regulating effect in a shaggy, brittle and oily skin, strengthens the hair, ensures a shiny coat and prevents hair loss.

  • jojoba oil

Jojoba oil reduces inflammation, increases the elasticity of the skin and protects it is a long lasting reliable protection against moisture loss,contains pro-vitamin A and vitamin E, maintains its favorable fatty acid composition, the skin, protects against dehydration, without leaving a greasy film on the skin (as it actually is a wax) and has a natural sun protection factor of three to four.

  • neem oil

Neem oil is nourishing, and supports regeneration and healing of the skin and keeps insects away becuase of its intense fragrance.

Even though the positive properties of neem oil are not to be despised on the skin and the hair, the insecticidal effect is probably the most important in applying Neem tree oil products. For pet owners, it has become known mainly because it reliable fleas, ticks, mites, flies, lice and mosquitoes markets, where it also relieves the itching occurring after an engraving.

Of the proven 34 different substances that act in neem against insects, the following are essential to assess: azadirachtin, Salaninne, meliantriol, Nimbin, 6-Desacetylnimbin, NIM-76, and quercetin.

  • Azadirachtinis one of the large group of terpenes. It is the sex hormone ecdysteroid that in many insects and arachnids regulates growth and molting, it is very similar in its structure and is therefore not recognized as foreign to the body. It passes smoothly in the metabolism of insects. Thereby the Chintinsynthese is stopped, which means that the insect can not fully develop its protective exoskeleton. At the same time the development of the insect is stopped already in the larval stage, respectively at the time of pupation.
  • Salanninne and meliantriol, act insect repellent by its intense smell but also taste bitter, what spoils the appetite of the bloodsuckers.
  • Nimbin and Nimbidin contain bitter substances that prevent insects from stinging or biting. In addition, they are attributed also antivirelle properties.
  • Quercetin is one of the flavonoids, the phytochemicals which give flowers their intense color. However, flavonoids act as protection against pests for plant which thus resists attacks. They are about as Reppelent and are toxic in their form as flavone and flavonol glycosides, such as based on rutin, quercitrin and Isoquercitrin, for insects, while being non-toxic to higher animals.

The toxicity of neem oilis also a much discussed topic among pet owners, in fact may neem however not be applied internally, even if it is partly used even as a decoction for
mouthwash. But it not only has a healing effect on the skin, but can also irritate the mucous membranes in high doses. In this respect it should be used exclusively for external use. A real potential danger for health, however, mainly comes fromcontaminated or unrefined oils that contain undesirable substances.

In the small amounts of high quality neem oil, just like it is included in our anti-insect oil, the active compounds in neem oil are far less dangerous than in commercial insecticides, which are based on the neurotoxin of chrysanthemum. Nevertheless, we always recommend a sparing use because the effectiveness against insects is even given with small amounts of neem oil.

It is also recommended even as a pure application to disinfect wounds and accelerate the healing process to treat vacancies by scratching and biting of the skin through because of itch. Moreover, it is in many antiparasitic sprays and mites agents which are relatively safe for use on the dog's fur. However, hypersensitivity in sensitive dogs and allergies, never can be completely excluded in almost any drug.

  • Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, skin regenerating, soothing, emollient, healing effects

  • Citronella and clove oil

In order not to irritate the sensitive dog nose with strong essential oils, in Bow-Wow-well-Oil we only use the oil of lemon grass and minimal amount of clove oil. They superimpose on the one hand the smell of dogs, on the other hand there are natural essential oils, which have long been used successfully for insect repellent. They complement the effect from coconut and from neem oil but only discreetly, so the dogs senses its smell not as unpleasant..

In addition we added to "Bow-wow-well-oil! a little

  • Fenugreek seeds powder

Fenugreek seeds has long been known as a natural remedy for ulcers and skin lesions. Even Sebastian Kneipp recommended it: The seeds are anti-inflammatory, softening and absorbing; cleaned wounds heal very soon. The fenugreek seed act as pus depriving thus blood poisoning can be prevented, as well as the formation of wild, rotten meat.

But in addition fenugreek seeds improves hair growth.

After I successfully used the fenugreek seeds both as an ointment made from coconut oil and fenugreek seeds that is also part of the horse oil Equiwohl (see here) against a lick
granuloma our dog had, it has proven itself in eczema horses. Nevertheless, we do not want its healing and hair growth promoting effect to be prevented from usage to dogs.

However, the powder settles at the bottom of the bottle. It is recommended to shake the bottle well before use. Although the active ingredients have dissolved after 14 days in bow-wowwell- oil and have been transferred to the oil, so that one could also filter out the powder, but our dogs love the massage effect of the small powder grains, which also can be easily brushed out of the fur.


Application of bow-wow-well-oil for dogs

The oil was tested by us naturally over a long period (see hemp test for dogs).

Hemp test with our dogs»

Hemp for dogs - 2nd test from Saturday August the 16th 2014»

However, the bow-wow-well oil must be used every day with the dogs to take effect.

Then, however, the itching stopped at our customers very quickly, we did not find flea dirt and no signs of mites more on the dog skin, the redness disappeared after two days completely and even for grooming the ears the oil has proven itself (do not shake it here beforehand, because the skin in the ears is sensitive and the granules from fenugreek powder could be irritating)..

  • The bow-wow-well oil is available in 250 ml vials.
  • Per daily use in the fur it takes about 5 - 10 ml bow-wow-well oil, depending on the dog's size.

It would be ideal if one pours some bow-wow-well oil in the palm of your hand, it rubs easily so that it then can be massaged into the dog's fur.

The oil is very rich just a few drops suffice. It is important that not too much is applied on the fur with bow-wow-well oil, rather it is recomended to add if it was not enough and to then
repeat the massage at different skin sites.

  • I take some bow-wow-well oil, distribute it in the palms and start massaging on the abdomen of the dog,
  • I add for some oil, rub on the inner thighs, the pants and the rest of the hind legs,
  • take back a little oil, so go on the front legs and paws,
  • then I add again some oil to gently dab it on the skin of the back, before I massage it there
  • and at the very end I massage even the last remaining on the palms of oil into a pleura and to the area behind the ears and on the head.

An application in the face of the dog is not recommended, because the essential the oil containes might burn in the eyes.

The ears can be cleaned very well with a very slightly moistened cotton swab with bow-wow-well oil or a soaked cotton bud.

Neumann spices can assume no liability for the correct application, dosing and feeding. Every pet owner is responsible for his animals, each animal keeper for their animals, individually responsible. In any case should the vet / vet or pet medicine of your confidence be asked for advice at a change in diet. For every animal behaves differently and may react differently to certain ingredients.

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