"AWAKE" - Free yourself from harmful loads herbal blend for the cat, formerly "ANTITOX", 200 g

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Katze- Cleanse the body of your cat and give its body health

Effect Antitox for cats: To access the full text, just click the link»


200 g herbal mixture for cats:

  • For detoxification after drug approvals
  • In support of the organism in cases of poisoning
  • To support and relief of the kidneys and liver detoxification organs
  • For the regeneration of the liver
  • For cleansing out toxins and body waste products
  • To calibrate the acid-base balance


Balanced mix of handpicked herbs

  • Milk thistle seeds (Cardui mariae fructus):

Hardly any other herbal remedy than milk thistle is known for its natural connection with the issue of poisoning regarding its immense effect, so does its seeds. The reason is the silymarin
present in semen in relatively high amounts. It has mainly hepatoprotective effects, thus the herb prevents penetration of toxins in the liver cells, it binds to membrane by proteins of the
cells and stabilizes the membrane thereby. Another property of silymarin causes the regenerative capacity of the cells to be increased and the formation of new liver cells is stimulated. Another pharmacologically active substance within silymarin complex next to silydianin and Silycristin is the Silybinin. In fact the Silybinins effect could even be demonstrated in cases of poisoning with death cap within an experiment with an infusion therapy. Outcome was a reactivation of protein synthesis in the liver, thus reducing the number of fatal death cap poisoning. In the human field, the healing properties of fruits of milk thistle where proven for toxic liver damage,inflammatory and toxic related liver disease and cirrhosisin controlled clinical trials.
Milk thistle seed moreover supposedly even has effects on rheumatism by enhancing the excretion of toxins.

    Stinging Nettle (Urtica):

Among the best known herbs for relaeasing the stinging nettle matters, which is confirmed to a particularly strong detoxification effect. The nettle leaves owes its effect to active ingredients, which include tannins, histamine, numerous vitamins, minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron, silica and also include lecithin Those promote the property of the
nettle to stimulate the metabolism, purify the blood, to deacidify the connective tissue and to promote the secretion of the pancreas, making the body's own defenses strengthened. Moreover do chlorophyll, minerals and silica make that the nettle leaves have a strong diuretic outcome and thus promote the flushing out of toxins through the urine.

    Spirulina algae:

These microalgae takes its name from its spiral growth and is considered as effective donor protein, because its proteins are all essential amino acids. In addition, Spirulina has a high level of beta-carotene a precursor of vitamin A, B-vitamins and vitamin E, as well as at high concentrations of calcium, iron and magnesium. However, your task with detoxifiing primarily includes building a healthy intestinal flora,because it ensures the propagation of such important lactobacilli and bifidobacteria and thus supports the intestines in the removal of toxins from the digestive system and the liver. A colon cleansing is paving the way to detoxify other organs. With regular use of Spirulina the population of healthy intestinal flora can be increased up to a factor of 3. Moreover, the ingredients can de-acidify the body and bring it into an alkaline / acidic balance. Long ago it is recognized with its useful effect on the function of immune cells in the lymph.                        

  • Rosehip fruit (Rosa canina):

The shells of these Rosehip not only have a good curative effect, but also have a defenses strengthening effect with the high content of vitamin C. The Rosehip has therefore proven itself
mainly as an excellent vitamin C donor, for its very high content of ascorbic acid (100 g fresh rose hips contain 400-5000 mg of vitamin C) makes them an effective help tendency to infectious diseases such as weak immune system or body's fatigued defenses. It stimulates the resistance forces and works by strengthening in the period of convalescence after illness.Furthermore, it alledgedly possesses blood-purifying effects. In terms of detoxification, it proved to be a strengthening aid for the liver in detoxification organ.

  • Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale):

The Dandelion intrinsically posesses like many spring plants a blood-purifying and detoxifying effect which is why it has proved itself for regimen application concerning detoxification as well as after drug treatment or laminitis, because it stimulates all the digestive organs, as well as the function of the kidneys and bladder. Thereby toxins and waste products can be excreted. However, when written in phytotherapeutic literature of "radix cum herba Traxaci", it comes down to the root and the leaves of the dandelion plant, which are mostly used together for therapeutic purposes. The ingredients of the plant ranging from bitter substances, triterpenoids, phytosterols, tannins, essential oils, flavonoids, choline and inulin to minerals such as potassium or sodium numerous vitamins (provitamin A and D, vitamin C, E and B) to major trace elements such as zinc. Those excellerate in its entirety, not only to the bile flow, but also promote the excretion of waste through the urinary tract.                                   

  • Cat's Claw (Uncariatomentosa):

In its Latin American home is the to Redness plants (Rubiaceae) belonging medicinal plant as Uña de Gatobezeichnet, in English speaking countries is said Cat's Claw to her and the French all it handles de chat? it owes its name to the many krallenformigen thorns with which the cat's claw up often entwines up to 30 meters of the rainforest trees. At the so immense healing property diverse ingredients such as isopteropodine and five other alkaloids are involved who are in a position to improve the phagocytosis. Here is the inclusion of larger particles by floating
in body fluids specialized phagocytes
, called phagocytes, which incorporative like single cell either by reflow of foreign particles with pseudopodia (pseudopodia) or by a Einstülpungsvorgang (called intussusception). The single hull and destroy invading micro-organisms by phagocytosis is an important part of the response of the cellular immune system. In this respect, the cat's claw is an effective way for a weakened body's Abehrkraft. Other alkaloids activate the white blood cells (leukocytes) in the fight against bacteria, viruses and toxins by increasing the activity of phagocytes (macrophages), decimate the foreign substances, pathogens and otherwise non-recyclable materials. Moreover, the alkaloid Rynchophyllin keeps the blood liquid and therefore prevents deposits on the walls of blood vessels. Powerful antioxidants as some polyphenols, Triterpine and plant sterols, which could be isolated from the cat's claw in Italian and Peruvian studies, make the plant an excellent cell protectors in the defense against cancer-promoting free radicals. Moreover, the active ingredients support the struggle of the immune system against viruses and infections, and take the fight against pathogens on. At the Institute of Medicinal Plant Research at the Austrian University of Innsbruck in studies of drugs were performed in the cat's claw, while they came across another group of drugs - namely the so-called Chinovaacidglycose that can fight very effectively viruses in the body. Since then the active ingredients of cat's claw increasingly are used in pharmacology. It was verified that cat's claw is strongly detoxifying yet a long time ago. To be proven even for yourselves, because in the initial period of operation, the urine and sometimes motion faces a strong, harsh odor and is discolored, which proves that the toxins are excreted. The Cat's Claw also cleans the entire digestive and intestinal tract, thereby supporting the uptake of nutrients.

    All herbs in food quality.


A detoxification basically consists of three steps:

  1. If the villi are freed of deposited waste products (usually of insufficiently digested or indigestible food still residues and then develops fermentation gases in the intestine, but also residues of drugs, wormers, etc.), not only the capacity of the nutrients from food is improved, but also the movement of motor function of the intestine (peristalsis) is promoted.
  2. The focus of the second step are the detoxification organs such as the liver, spleen, kidneys, but also the skin. They should be detoxifiedand relieved or supported in their role. Moreover, the stimulation of the regeneration of the liver's cells isbeneficial to the detoxification process.
  3. Without a final gut renovationthe detoxification is only of limited duration, since the immune system strengthens itself in the intestine (about 80% of the immune cells in the gut) and without a balanced intestinal flora, the organism would get poisoned relatively quickly, get too acidic and eventually the barrier for pathogens can not be maintained. The intestinal flora consists among others of bacteria that optimize nutrient uptake in the intestine, reduces bloating and thus regulates digestion. For example, if deworming cures are administered or antibiotics are given to the cat that fight not only the parasites and pathogens in the gut, but also attack the beneficial intestinal bacteria of the intestinal microflora and thus ensure imbalance in the intestinal mucosa, this weakens the immune system.


The purpose of detoxifying the body with herbs, therefore is...

  • to cleanse the organism of toxins and to discharge of metabolic waste products
  • to relieve the detoxification organs or to assist in their function
  • to rehabilitate the intestine by a balanced intestinal symbiosis (living community of intestinal bacteria, which regulate digestion and the immune system support) with sufficient "positive bacteria" populated intestinal flora is established which supports the immune system and metabolism
  • and to strengthen the immune system.

This can be done both with health problems after recovering from diseases that were associated with drug approvals, according to parasite treatments, vaccinations or deworming, as well as preventative prophylaxis for detoxification.


For the detoxification of the organism and prevention we recommend the detoxification herbal blend ANTITOX to be applied twice a year for six weeks.

We offer the immune-herb mixture ANTITOX consciously in powdered form to make the herbs for the carnivore cat easier to digest.

Of course, we are aware of the problem of glucuronidation weakness of cats and do not use herbs, that contain salicylic acid, essential oils or sharp substances that can not be metabolized by the body of the cat and could thus lead to poisoning.

Dry feeding:
Mix herbal blend easily with the lining


  • 4 g cats up to 5 kg
  • 6 g cats from 5 kg

The plant powder can be arranged more delicious for cats when it is stirred under strong smelling food like tuna. Even with natural yogurt, milled plant mixes more easily and in the case of immune mixture "DEFENCE BOOST" can also be used with some honey or flavored with catnip.


Neumann animal spices

Natural and pure
Free of fillers
Free of dyes
All herbs and fruits in food quality.

Neumann spices can assume no liability for the correct application, dosing and feeding. Every pet owner is responsible for his or her own animals, each animal keeper for their animals. Always should the vet of your confidence consultted with a change in diet



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